Your Third Visit Onwards

At the Maison Chiropratique Petits et Grands, the goal of the adjustments is to allow your full life potential to express itself. The adjustments last about 10-20 minutes and are rendered in individual rooms. A little precision is required here. We talk here of adjustment in terms of visit. Indeed, during a visit/adjustment, you will receive many different adjustments. These adjustments are in this case the precise movements that are applied to your spine or elsewhere in your body to stimulate your nervous system.

During an adjustment (visit!), Dr Martine greets you by asking you a couple of questions. You are then invited to take place on the adjusting table. Dr Martine analyzes what is happening with you at that moment and adjusts you accordingly. Between each individual adjustment (precise movement!), Dr Martine analyzes the effect of the adjustment on your body and decides if other adjustments are necessary. If you ever feel uncomfortable with one of the adjustments, say so! Dr Martine possesses many skills in her tool box of adjustments. She can probably use a different technique to achieve the same result. Do not hesitate to ask.

During the course of care, Dr Martine will propose  some recommendations. These recommendations will probably have to do with lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, rest time, habits) or with your posture. These recommendations are offered so as to maximize the impact of the care but they do not constitute an obligation on your part.

Even though, Dr Martine reevaluates your state at each visit, more formal reevaluations are performed periodically in order to establish what has been accomplished, where you are at and how these data modify the course of action. These reevaluations last 30 minutes and are offered at the same price as regular adjustments because we believe they are an integral part of the normal follow-up. During these reevaluations, certain subjects that were covered during the initial visit will be discussed again and certain tests that were performed at the initial visit will also be performed again in order to measure progress objectively.  This visit will end like the others, with your adjustment.


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