Guided Tour of the House

Welcome to the Maison Chiropratique Petits et Grands!

You will find the Maison on road 105 in Chelsea. It is in a gray house, five houses south of Old Chelsea Road or 5 minutes from the Alonzo-Wright bridge. As you will arrive, you will see our lovely sign.

You come in through the door that is directly in front of the parking lot. As you come in, you will find yourself in our reception room. There, you will find drawings made by the children that we serve on the windows as well as on the walls. You will also be able to let your children play in the kiddy corner. However, we like to think that the whole office was set up with children in mind and that it is quite kid-friendly (or kid-proof!). For example, there are no end tables and the few that are close to the ground have been put there knowing that they might get damaged by little hands.

You will also notice our different bulletin boards. Some are for testimonials from the children that we serve, another one is for their pictures and drawings, another one is for grown-ups’ testimonials, another one is our Community In the News for good news concerning the community or the people that we serve, and finally, there is one for hot topics or for public interest news. You will also be able to borrow books from our library if you feel like it.

Naturallly, it is in this room that you will meet our fantastic chiropractic assistants, Lisa and Christelle. It will be their pleasure to serve you and answer your questions. There is also the restroom in which you will find sanitary pads for those who forget… At the end of the reception room, you will also be able to use our changing table and you will also find extra diapers and wipes just in case…

Totally at the end, you will see one of the adjustment rooms in which you will surely find yourself one day. In this one, as in the other, you will notice the kiddy corner, the teddies and the big ball for everybody’s pleasure.

During your first visit, you will enter into the consultation room which also acts as an adjustment room. From this room, you gain access to the x-ray room. Thsu, if any x-rays are necessary, they can be taken the same day without you having to go somewhere else for them.

We hope you enjoyed this visit…


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