Your First Visit: Initial Exam

At the Maison Chiropratique Petits et Grands, the goal of the first visit is to evaluate you in order to establish your general health status, particularly with regards to your nervous system, and what your expectations are in consulting us. This visit usually lasts between 40 to 60 minutes . You can take a tour of the Maison by clicking here.

The first step is to fill out the admitting papers.  These can be downloaded, sent to you or picked up in advance. If you cannot fill them out in advance, we ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to fill them out. This paperwork is very important in order to really focus on what is going on with you. When you arrive, you will be greeted by Pascale, Fannie or Caroline our assistants. They will offer you a herbal tea, some mineral water, juice or a glass of water. If the appointment is for your child or if a child is with you, it will be the pleasure of these same assistants to take care of your little ones by offering them a juice, some snack and lots of various activities. After making sure that all the paperwork has been filled out, the assistants will offer you a tour of the House. They will then invite you to have a seat in the consultation room.

Dr Martine will then take charge of you or your child. First, there will be an interview during which the admitting papers will be reviewed thoroughly. Then, we will proceed to the physical exam. This will include a postural exam, ranges of motion, a neurological exam, orthopedic tests as well as a chiropractic exam. For the little ones, some of these tests or exams will be completed by exams for the heart, lungs, abdomen or ears. Other exams might be performed depending on the case. Depending on the information gathered during the interview and the physical exam, we will make a decision to take x-rays or not. If these are necessary, they will be taken immediately in our own x-ray room. Here is where the first visit usually ends. There is no adjustment on the first visit. Indeed, Dr Martine needs time to review all the information gathered and to make sure of all the steps to follow and the right procedures to implement in your case. However, depending on your state, Dr Martine may decide to do some mobilizations or some other procedure in order to help you feel better until your first adjustment.

Following all these exams, you might feel a little sore. This soreness is normal and comes from the fact that we have just challenged areas that might have been already tender.

Before you leave, the assistants will schedule an appropriate time for the following visit which will be the report of findings.


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