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Our Mission

At the Maison Chiropratique Petits et Grands, our mission is to accompany, to guide and to serve pregnant women, challenged children, little babies, children of all ages and their families in the full expression of their potential of life.

We call it a Home (Maison) for many reasons. Here, you are not patients; you are people that we serve. Here, we do not treat diseases; we adjust individuals. Here, our walls are painted yellow to put you in a good mood. Here, we take as much time as you need. Here, we offer you herbal tea or water as you come in. Here, children are always welcome. Here, we are constantly learning and improving ourselves. Here, we are very grateful that you are part of our family. Here, we will take care of you as if you were our brother, our sister, our mother, our father, or our child. Here, we honour you…


Dr Martine Dionne, Chiropractor D.C., B.Ed., M.Sc., D.I.C.C.P.

Hello! For those of you who do not already know me, I will introduce myself. I am the proud Mommy of Axel, an adorable boy with unforgettable blue eyes, of Éloi, a magnificient little boy with a devilish smile, of Maude my energetic little girl, and Hugues. The wonderful Daddy of those adorable children is my partner, Stéphane Dumont, an elementary school physical education teacher. We are originally from Montreal.  I have a Bachelor in Fitness from McGill University, as well as a Masters in Neurokinetics from the Université du Québec à Montréal. I have also completed my undergraduate Doctorate of Chiropractic degree at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. As part of my life journey, I have worked for 3 years with children that had autistic disorders. I was a volunteer at the Montreal Rehabilitation Institute, which brought me into contact with people who had many special needs. For ten years now, I have been a doula to families wishing to live a more fulfilling pregnancy. I have a Diplomate from the International Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics, which represents the highest level of academic achievement in the matter. Only twenty chiropractors in Quebec have this diploma. I am a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, as well as a member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, the Association des Chiropraticiens du Québec, of the Ordre des Chiropraticiens du Québec, and of the Holistic Pediatric Association. I am currently in formation in neurology.

Pascale Fournier

Pascale is our guardian angel. She is an assistant with a big A, all efficiency, innovation and softness. Pascale is the Mother who inspires so many others. She is as amazing with the little ones as she is wiht her own, Noémie, Lukas, Loïk and Ève. Her mere presence is soothing. She is one of the most important pillars of the Maison Chiropratique Petits et Grands and we thank the heavens evey day for her being with us.

Fannie Bigras-Lafrance

Fannie is a real burst of fresh air. Her constant smile and her contagious smile will put you in a good mood. She is the Mom of Alice and Tom. She comes from Gatineau and worked as a hairdresser for a long time. She has recycled herself as a chiropractic assistant to our delight. Apart from her radiating good mood, Fannie is also very nice, always ready to help and will know how to meet your demands. She is with us during the day and she is an essential pillar to the Maison Chiropratique Petits et Grands. We are lucky to have her as part of our team.

Emma Garand;

Emma is part of the team for almost 3 years. She is currently studying in 1st year in French literature and education at the University of Ottawa. She helps us from time to time depending on his schedule.


Marie-Eve Hupé;

Since September 2015, Marie-Eve joined the assistant team. She take care of you on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the evening. In addition of working for the government during the day, she wanted to have a challenge. You may cross her daughter at the office, the beautiful Raphaelle who sometimes comes to work with her mom.


Marilynn Rubayika

Marilynn, a student in Civil Law at the University of Ottawa, has just joined us to conclude the evening assistant team on Mondays and Tuesdays. Welcome to our team Marilynn!


A Special Thanks

We would also like to thank the old team members that have helped us become who we are today : Lisa Nanni, Christelle Shea, Cora Castle, Odette McNeely, Joëlle Chalifoux, Angela Lavigne, Estelle Émond, Shaunna Newton, Any Carrier, Céline Rainville,,Claudia Carrière, Mariepier Cham, Stéphanie Dubé, Heather Horack, Jessica Martineau ,Éric Cloutier and Caroline Lagacé. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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